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15 % of Young Adults See Gambling as a Good Way to Make Money, While Studies Warn of Great Potential Dangers

15% of 18-24 year-olds consider gambling to be a good and reliable way to earn money – however the proportion decreases significantly with age. While online gambling in particular is increasingly on the rise, the authors of various studies see a heightened potential danger, as a new infographic by Onlinecasinomaxi shows. 

58% of Germans prefer to gamble online. This trend is also clearly reflected in the number of registered new customers at Lotto24AG: while in 2015 there were 883,000 customers, by 2020 this figure had reached 3.5 million. Germans remain relatively fond of offline gambling. In Great Britain, 70% prefer gambling online, while the figure worldwide is 63%.

The UK is also an outlier in terms of gender ratio, making it home to the highest proportion of female gamblers in the world at 44%, followed by Sweden, Mexico and France. Female gamblers account for 32% of the total in Germany.

Opportunities and Risks

Despite this growth, gambling continues to be a controversial issue. In fact, as many as 26% of gamblers believe that online gambling should not legal.

As the infographic shows, the majority of scientific studies conclude that online gambling poses an increased risk, with 17 of 21 studies examined coming to this conclusion.

21% of online casino users spend an average of between €51 and €100 per month on casinos. A further 19% spend between €101 and €300, while one in two hundred players spends more than €1,000 per month.

While online offers are now enjoying greater popularity in Germany, the majority of gamblers around the world are considerably more open to digital games of chance. Yet this picture could shift significantly in the coming months and years, since the recently enacted State Treaty on Gaming now allows gaming arcade operators to acquire a German licence; this could very well give the industry a further boost in this country as well.


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