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Gambling as a means of Environment protection

The recent years and changes in weather and climate have shown people that it is time to put effort and preserve nature. Many industries started to implement changes in their operation and began to follow the pieces of advice from Greenpeace, the most visible organization for protecting the environment. It is this company that works in different directions trying to eliminate and even stop climate changes, extinction of rare animals and plants, deforestation, waste etc.
The gaming industry was also among those ones that taken environment so problems rather seriously and started acting. Many casinos in Australia, Canada, the UK, and the USA have created a special category of slots devoted to nature, flora and fauna, problems it faces.

It is enough to remember Bally Wulff slot machine that shows the beauty of our planet and the diversity of gifts it offers to people.

Another great example that reminds about the importance of forests and woods is The Wild Wood slot developed by Novomatic, while the necessity to preserve rare animal species is represented in the slot game called Wild North. These are only some of the examples that raise this important topic, but in fact, there are hundreds of games paying players’ attention to nature conservation. At the same time, it is not the only way how casinos cope with protecting nature and resources.

Online casinos vs Environment

GamblingIt is not difficult for adults to remember how gaming industry looked like about 30 years ago. Tons of plastic discs, game platforms, and huge computers were made of the materials that could not be recycled. However, a shift to the digital world has stopped this wasteful production, and now most of the games can be accessed on the Internet.
The introduction of online casinos has been another step forward in this industry because there is no need to ship products, use waste materials and store all that stuff. Consequently, there is less exhaust fume, unrecyclable plastic buried in the soil as well as energy wasted. It also speaks about the improval in the environmental consciousness of the players who spot these differences and follow them.
The appearance of mobile gambling that will soon reach 50% of the gambling market and shutting of land-based casinos due to the popularity of online platforms (online casinos and betting websites take 35% share of the remote sector) contribute to the saving energy. It is much more reasonable for online casinos to provide players with that unbelievable casino atmosphere taking advantage of modern technology than allow thousands of land-based casinos waste that precious energy. Virtual reality, live games, artificial intelligence open more perspective for gaming companies today.

Land-based casinos vs Environment

Though it may seem that Las Vegas gambling paradise in the USA does not care about the planet, it has become a popular direction among the casinos located there. Of course, they have not refused from millions of lights that attract players’ attention to this spot, but some changes do take place.
It is enough to remember two big businesses functioning in Las Vegas – Caesars Entertainment Corporation and MGM Resorts International. They have decided to prove the ability to be sustainable and their environmental consciousness.

What do they do?

  1. They repurpose all the used materials: used soap is melted and sent to the poor countries, rays are cleaned with old towels and pillowcases, while old curtains were remade into tote bags.
  2. Wine in the casino bars is served in kegs, not bottles.
  3. The staff turns off the light and conditioners in the not occupied rooms.
  4. Millions of bulbs attracting players have been replaced for LED lights.
  5. All the garbage is taken to the docks for sorting and recycling if possible.

Though these steps seem insignificant, they show how the attitude to the problem has changed and it is one of the main factors for achieving success. The gambling industry has become one of those that care about the problems raised by Greenpeace organization and it will continue to offer not only exciting games but also making efforts to change our planet for better.

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