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The idea of ​​opening a gambling establishment comes to mind more and more often, and you start to figure out possible options and scenarios how to develop this idea. In this article, we will find out pros and cons of opening and managing land and online casinos. Consider the features of entry into the business, debugging processes, the marketing component, and the prospects of each of the directions.


The successful development of land-based casinos is associated with a number of fundamental factors: the geographical location of the country, financial and political stability, statistics of the region, per capita income, tourist attractiveness, bans on gambling in neighboring countries, the traditional attitude to gambling. All these factors influence the success of the land gambling house, and it complicates the process of operating greatly.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ONLINE AND OFFLINE CASINOSWith online casinos, the situation is quite different. You can choose several regions where gambling activities are allowed and thus increase the number of visitors constantly. The main thing is to get a license.

There is a great advantage of online casinos over the land ones suffering from possible „land“ risks: natural disasters, revolutions, and interruptions in air traffic. These and many other circumstances will not affect your online business as much as it can affect an offline casino.

The specificity of the legal component of online and offline casinos.

For example, you need to spend about 20,000 euros to obtain a license for online casino, while you need about 2 million euros to get a license for a land-based casino in Europe.


Land casinos require a serious investment in the purchase or rental of premises. Comprehensive player service often includes the availability of a hotel, spa, and restaurant at a casino.

A separate impressive part of the budget is the purchase of gambling equipment, the maintenance of expensive personnel: security service, cleaning service, management, qualified croupiers.

You also need to spend money for the establishment and successful development of online casinos, but the amounts in this case will be several times smaller. For an online casino site, you need a gambling license, platform, game content, domain name, server, online security, technical support.

Software of the trusted developer will ensure the quality operation of the resource. This will be the key to the success of your business.


The indisputable advantage of online casinos is accessibility for users from all over the world. The attraction of players to the gambling resource is provided by correctly built marketing, bonus, and partner programs. Many gamblers are attracted by privacy online.

The situation with offline casinos is completely different. The owner of a land gambling establishment creates an attractive atmosphere of bright lights, music, “ease of being”. It is important to be aware of how many people living in the region have the potential to become customers of the establishment.

It is important for a player in a land-based casino to feel a welcome guest at the table and “your friend” simultaneously. Moreover, trusted relationship between a casino and a player are built for years. It is the trust of the players that serves as the basis of the playing hall filling.


The marketing component of the business will require serious attention. There is a certain specificity of land-based casino promotions. Basically, these are spectacular concert programs with the participation of pop stars, promotions, the introduction of bonus systems inside the casino. Campaigns for advertising offline casinos held on the Internet do not bring tangible results as a rule.

On the contrary, the Internet turned out to be the most productive platform for online casino promotions. The main marketing activity is focused on optimization, website promotion. Loyalty programs, affiliate programs, and promotion in social networks have a significant impact on increasing conversions.


In 2019, the gambling industry as a whole (online and offline sites) retains its investment appeal. It is possible to say confidently that the opening, maintenance, promotion of an online casino will require less money, time, and effort.

Given the incredible speed of development of the Internet technologies and the annual increase in users, there are serious prospects for the development of Internet gambling.

When it comes to land gambling establishments, the threshold of financial entry into an offline casino is higher, and the risks are more tangible. Moreover, at the legislative level, online gambling is subject to unjustified restrictions in many regions too.

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