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The gaming industry generated €987 million with virtual goods and additional content in Germany in 2020, compared to just €423 million the previous year, representing an increase of 133%. One particular cause of concern is that a large part of this comes from the sale of so-called loot boxes, the opening of which grants gamers …

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While the DAX gained 21.7% in the 12-month review, some exchange-listed casino operators have been able to record significantly larger gains. For example, Swedish live casino provider Evolution Gaming Group’s stock market value climbed by 124.5% during this period. Competitors‘ shares also increased in value by more than the average. The trend towards gambling is …

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Some 78% of Bundesliga clubs have a betting provider as an advertising partner. While sports betting providers are increasingly expanding their involvement in Germany, the opposite development is taking place in England, as shown in a new infographic by In Germany as well as throughout Europe, the gambling industry is playing an important role …

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