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Every eighth Canadian teenager plays in social casinos

The Canadian Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) conducted a large-scale study on teenagers‘ interest in free games in social casinos. According to the survey, every 8th Canadian teenager at least once in the last three months has launched a gaming machine, online poker or bingo on his device.

Representatives of CAMH interviewed more than 10,000 adolescents aged between 13 and 19 years from three Canadian provinces. 12% of respondents said they recently played online games in social casinos on Facebook or other sites. According to Dr. Tara Elton-Marshall, in the future, these young people can become regular customers of land-based casinos and virtual gambling establishments more often than others.

Another potential problem with free games for contingent coins is that winnings in such slot machines, table and card games fall out more often than in real money gambling. This can create a deceptive impression among children that in an online casino you can easily win back the bet made and receive additional rewards.

Every eighth Canadian teenager plays in social casinos
The Center for Addiction and Mental Health is Canada’s largest mental health and addictions organization. CAMH conducts research, develops educational programs aimed at improving mental health, and provides clinical assistance to people experiencing various kinds of addiction.

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