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Gamification of the Gambling Industry: Focus Decreasingly on Winning Money

In 2007, winning money was still the primary motive for 71.9% of German gamblers, but this figure has now dropped to 62.6 %. It is instead increasingly about the experience: excitement, socialising and relaxation are increasingly important to gamblers. The gamification of the gambling industry is progressing rapidly, as shown in a new infographic by Onlinecasinomaxi.

As the infographic shows, video games and gambling are increasingly converging. As many as one in ten gamblers first gets involved through online video games. And the trend is an upwards one.

In terms of device usage, the smartphone now dominates the overall online gambling market, with a market penetration of 65%. Online sports betting is the most popular form of gambling among Germans, with 15% of gamblers using such services daily. Online slot machines and online poker are in second place, with 12% of gamblers using each of these every day.

A worldwide comparison also reveals that betting accounts for the highest market share with 55% – followed by casinos with a share of 31%.

While gambling is gaining in popularity, there are still many citizens who have reservations about the offers and services available. However, Germans are relatively open-minded about online gambling, with 37% of citizens considering moderate use of such services to be morally acceptable. The figure worldwide is only 31%.

Online gambling is becoming more and more widespread. We should not underestimate the role that the smartphone is playing in this trend: after all, users have their casino in their pockets almost all the time.

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