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There are many superstitions in gambling: “lucky bet”, “unique method of winning”, “lucky beginners” … In this article you will learn common misconceptions about modern online casinos. If you are only thinking about opening your online casino, it will be useful for you to learn about the way how casinos actually work and where all these myths come from.

„Happy“ hour exists

– Lie

It is a mistake to think that slot machines in a casino are programmed to lower the payout percentage at peak times and at night or in the morning hours. It is impossible to program a slot machine in an online casino to increase payouts at selected hours. Firstly, this behavior of the slot will be immediately “eye-catching”, and secondly, the online casino will not pass an independent check. Winnings always fall randomly.

The possibility of „happy sequence“

– Lie

Playing roulette you spotted that the red sector was falling out for a long time. Does this increase the chances of falling out of the black sector? Nope.


Each spin in roulette – like every single spin in slot machines – is individual, that is, it does not depend on the previous one. Despite lot of red, the chances of black and red are equal in the next spin. The story is similar with slots too. The most important thing in this situation is to remember the uniqueness of each rotation. The inability to determine the sequence of the combination fallout is due to the well-established algorithm of the RNG.

Progressive jackpot always goes to high rollers.

– Partially true

Indeed, at the time of Microgaming and Playtech dominance, the rules of the game mentioned that you could win the largest jackpot only by making the maximum bet. Modern online casinos provide equal chances for players to win the jackpot. Any denomination rate can hit the jackpot.

There is a unique method of winning.

– Lie

You have found an ad on the Internet that promises you a 100% gain. „With the help of secret tactics and strategy …“, „Our unique, win-win technique …“. How often you can come across the information that the chances of winning at an online casino can be increased, and the win can be predicted and it is worth paying for the service!

Do not flatter yourself. Money spent in this way will not bring the expected profit. As a rule, „miracle techniques“ are just a hoax in practice. The result of playing in a casino depends solely on the random number generator (RNG), which guarantees gamblers honesty and transparency of the game process.

Chances of winning in new online casinos are higher

– Lie

The hope that you can use a generous „marketing policy“ when online casinos are opened and promoted inspires optimism in the players.

Please note that choosing a casino you need to analyze the availability of licensed software at a gambling resource, transparent conditions, real user reviews, and presence in the ratings carefully. Honest online casinos interested in long-term and fruitful cooperation with their customers will not increase the payout percentage either at the beginning or in their future activities.

The jackpot can be adjusted

– Lie

The most common misconception in gambling is the myth that the payout can be adjusted in advance. According to the basic principle of operation of any casino slot, each spin is unique. At the same time, tens, hundreds of thousands of players can play on the servers of the company. Therefore, a gambling resource will simply not be technically able to award a previously selected user with a jackpot.

Three-reel online slots bring good luck

– Lie

The presence of three reels in slot machines will not affect the returns and payments. A smaller number of reels can only talk about a smaller number of possible winning combinations. Three-drum slots are easier and more familiar for perception. There will always be users who prefer the utmost visual simplicity in the game. For this reason, the development of slots with three reels remains relevant.

Casino is entertainment for the rich

– Lie

If you still associate casinos with entertainment for the rich, you need to reconsider your views urgently. Today, online casinos have a huge variety of games with a flexible betting range. You can adjust the process and set a limit. This not only does not affect the quality of the game but also allows you to feel as comfortable as possible. A nice bonus for those who want to compete for the progressive jackpot is the following: in some games, it falls out randomly and does not depend on the nominal rate.

Newbies are lucky

– Partially true

Newly arrived players account for the lion’s share of all players. Numerous bonus programs beckon and lure gamblers to try their luck and feel the taste of victory. And, indeed, when you start playing online games for the first time, many newbies get no deposit bonuses, free spins, a chance to take part in tournaments. A double budget automatically increases the chances of winning.

Slot winning is very hard to withdraw

– Lie

Withdrawing winnings, the player must submit scans of documents for technical support. The formality must be observed to exclude people under 18 years from the game. In this situation, it is extremely important to enter accurate personal information. Providing false information violates the statutes of most licensed online casinos.

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