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Which gambling games for modern players are the most exciting ones? Casino Maxi ranked the most popular gambling activities on the basis of H2 Gambling Capital data on income from various types of gambling.

So, the top 5 most exciting gambling games is as follows:


BINGO UKAccording to H2 Gambling Capital, bingo revenues account for 4%. Bingo can be attributed to one of the lottery games, which have become very popular due to its simplicity and excitement. The history of its origin dates back to Europe of the 16th century. But soon, the game gained popularity around the world and today, it occupies the honorable fifth place in the total volume of global gambling.

The core of bingo is the principle of coincidence of numbers, which are chosen randomly in the process of drawing. Players, in turn, mark the same numbers ​​in their cards. A participant receives a prize at the maximum match of the numbers.


POKER UKPoker accounts for 6% of global gambling revenue. This is one of the oldest card games and, perhaps, the most controversial one. Both the time and place of its appearance are still debated. It is believed that for the first time, a game called „poker“ was mentioned in the annals of the XVI century.

There are a lot of discussions about casino poker today. Somewhere, it is recognized as a kind of gambling, and somewhere, it is a kind of sports.

Success in poker depends on the skills and mastery of the player. You can win in two ways: by collecting the highest possible combination of cards or by forcing all opponents to fold.


STATE LOTTERY UKAccording to H2 Gambling Capital, it accounts for 9% of total global gambling revenues. Lottery is one of the oldest gambling activities. It is mentioned even in the Bible in the form of a lot.

The basis of this game is numbers. They are located on the cards of players in several rows. The distribution of winnings depends on the lot: from randomly drawn numbers, the coincidence of which players note on their cards. A winning line is considered a “closed” line or a series of numbers on a card.

In another variation of the lottery, the player must choose several numbers in the range defined by the rules and hope that they will fall out during the draw.

In state lotteries, lottery tickets are used as cards. Part of the funds from the tickets sold goes to winnings, the rest goes to the state.



According to H2 Gambling Capital, it accounts for 26%. The history of the casino began in Europe. The first official gambling establishment was opened in 1638 in Venice. Having successfully conquered the Old World, casinos came to the Asian gambling market, where they gained incredible popularity very quickly.

The Chinese and other peoples of Southeast Asia are considered to be ones of the keenest players. For example, before the First World War, the biggest part of the state budget revenues of Thailand accounted for licensed gambling establishments.

At its core, a casino is a gambling house, which contains various types of gambling games: roulette, slot machines, card tables, dice tables, etc. The gameplay in board games is managed and controlled by the croupier.


BETTING UKIt is an absolute leader in popularity. According to H2 Gambling Capital research, it accounts for 50% of all global gambling revenues.

The first sports betting began to appear in antiquity along with the development of disciplines. Therefore, the occurrence of sports betting is usually associated with gladiator fights, which were very popular in ancient Rome. At the time, these fierce fights were both fun and a point of contention.

Sports betting received a more civilized look during the rapid development of equestrian sports and horse racing. Therefore, the progenitor of modern betting is considered to be the UK, where the first horse races took place at the beginning of the 17th century.

Sports betting are bets that people make between themselves predicting who will win the competition. Winning in the bets depends on the player’s ability to analyze sports events and make correct predictions.

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