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The secrets of slot machines can reveal every

Under the phrase „secrets of slot machines“ there are great opportunities that allow you to choose the right key to the game in order to win as often as possible. Is it so? And which gaming machines hide secrets from gamers?

What you need to know about slot machines to always win

Every potential player knows that if you look for a secret in slot machines for a long time, sooner or later, they will give you a hint. However, it is not worth relying on any mathematical calculations. The bottom line is that all online slot machines are controlled by a special program (randomizer) that generates random numbers. Only she is subject to the formation of winning combinations.

Consequently, it makes no sense to believe fairy tales that playing online for money in slot machines is better on the „growing moon“, or somehow in a special way to press a button. Drop asideConsequently, it makes no sense to believe fairy tales that playing online for money in slot machines is better on the „growing moon“, or somehow in a special way to press a button. Drop aside the readings of the horoscope for „today“, the theory of Feng Shui and other prejudices. The only existing TOP secret gaming machine hides exclusively in the randomizer. The more difficult its level, the more difficult it is to find the coveted key to it.

Therefore, you should not be greedy and try to beat the „heaped“ slots. Start with simple automata, the “heart” of which obeys a simple free number generator system, like the Crazy Monkey or Book of Ra.

Do I need to declassify slot machines

Secrets of slot machinesBelieve it or not, the secrets of online slot machines do exist. Basically, all the secrets revolve around bonus games. And the secrets of the Book of Ra slot machines do not apply to exceptions. In short, to advance in the bonus rounds, you should bet 5 cents on five lines. Than these conditions „like“ the machine, was not for sure found out. But, precisely, they, force him often to give out winning combinations.

A similar situation is seen in the Crazy Manki slots. The truth is, here the secrets of the Crazy Monkey slot machines are hidden in bonus rounds and the usual game process. Most importantly, having mastered all the details, you can, with a probability of 80% – 90%, only take a couple of thousand rubles per game from this slot.


To confidently win in virtual machines, you should adhere to four basic rules:

1. Amount for rates to distribute correctly (from the lesser to the greater).
2. The game must be stopped in time. Even if you made only 2 successful spins.
3. Chat with like-minded people. This will allow to gain additional experience.
4. The game must be played for free. Subconsciously, if the player has nothing to lose, his sharpness and attention work to “complete”, which leads to a plus.

Of course, it cannot be said that the winnings will be huge. However, as a source of stable, additional earnings will come off. So feel free to adopt the free secrets of slot machines and succeed in an honest fight with the virtual giants of the gambling industry!

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