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The European Summit Affiliate ConferenceThe European Summit that is also known as TES is an annual conference that gathers people interested in advertising, publishing, and media. The first TES conference took place in 2009 and since then, the number of people who attend it increases each year. There were more than 1,000 participants at the conference in 2018.

The main goal of the Summit is to unite specialists working in the industry of digital entertainment, financial technology, e-commerce, online gambling etc. People from each of these industries get an opportunity to meet in Lisbon and build necessary networks and cooperation during the following 3 days. The summit takes place every year in two cities Prague and Lisbon. The conference in the Czech Republic is usually held in September, while a Portugal summit is usually organized in March.

  • Official website:
  • Dates: 1-4 March 2019
  • Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Date and location of the European Summit 2019

The next TES event will be held not far from the Portuguese capital Lisbon, Cascais town, in the first days of March. The next summit is going to be in Prague on September, 13 and will last until 16. The main venue for the summit will be a Lisbon hotel “The Oitvaos“ located by the address R. De Oitavos. It is only 5 km from the the center of Cascais, so the participants can see the sights of the city too. There is only a 30 km distance between Cascais and Lisbon.
The basic venue of the summit in Prague is also a hotel called “Vienna House Diplomat“ situated by the address of Evropska 370/15.


The main goal of the European Summit that gathers specialists majoring in different fields is generating and boosting traffic. In general, this Affiliate conference unites 3 features: it is a conference, exposition and a networking event. The conference is scheduled to every minute to be the most productive and dynamic event that can give you the maximum of benefit during 3 days only. All the conference participants will be able to enjoy a day of joy organized to start the event. Known as a hospitality day, it may be a day dedicated to some casual celebration or a sports competition.

However, if you think that you are going to entertain during the whole first day, you should learn that 3 hours of this day are devoted to “Meet Market” where every attendee is presented to delegates and exhibitors who display the products and services offered by their brand.

The 2nd and 3rd days are dedicated to the conference and expo and play the most significant role in the whole process. In addition to the exhibitions, you will be also able to visit a range of informational seminars, discussions with experts, product presentations and exciting reports. It is planned to listen to more than 80 speakers that represent such famous companies as AVSecure, Quantox Technology, UniK SEO, Fresh Crowd, NMS and others.

Reasons to go to THE EUROPEAN SUMMIT 2019

TES is a place where every person can build beneficial networks with specialists in a variety of fields. People and companies interested in affiliates would appreciate TES for a possibility to meet various companies, learn their strategies, find out more about innovations and build necessary connections.

For the years of its existence, this summit has deserved appraisal of many experts in different spheres. At the same time, TES began to expand and in addition to offline advertising, it began to promote online advertisements too. It means that there will be more participants and it will continue to grow, so you cannot miss this event in 2019.

Who are the potential visitors?

The organizers of the European Summit have created this event for people, brands and companies that are connected with digital products in big volumes. There are companies working in such industries as gambling, real mobile casinos, cryptocurrencies, online dating, finances, entertainment, trading, virtual reality and many others.

If you have developed a quality digital product and your goal is to increase the number of its users and profits gained, you must visit TES as there is no better place to implement these wishes in reality. It is a place where you can listen for the leaders in these spheres and learn some important insights into the market.

The European Summit will be a perfect destination for the promotion of your brand but for this purpose, you need to book an expo spot. The attraction of attention to your product in this way costs money – from 750 GBP to 27,000 GBP, which you should pay to become the main presenter. In 2019, this role has been given to the ad network exoClick.

If online gambling industry is close to you, there is hardly any better place than TES to learn more about it.

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