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Despite all the efforts of the government to protect American residents from online gambling, the number of thrill seekers has not decreased. Therefore, after years of unsuccessful attempts, the US government has focused on finding a compromise.


Since 2011, many states in the USA have been considering bills to create more loyal conditions for online casinos. For example, in 2012, a law providing the opportunity to legalize the activities of gambling websites, poker rooms, and betting companies in certain states was passed

Now, virtual gambling is officially legalized in Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. Based on the forecasts of financial analysts, each virtual casino project is a large potential taxpayer. This fact, as well as a number of other important factors, became the main reasons for revising the issue of legalizing online gambling. For example, only Nevada state replenishes the US treasury by $1 billion annually due to revenues of local gambling establishments.

We offer you the rating of the most popular gambling sites in the United States according to the version of Connexity information resource.


Today, representatives of the Illinois legislature have not made a final decision regarding the legalization of casino games, online poker, and fantasy sports in the state. The last revision of this bill took place at the session in January 2018. However, the officials could not reach a common decision. Only time will tell how the situation with the legalization of virtual gambling will develop in the region.

Website Percentage of visits Segmented rate
Illinois Lottery 28.84% 84.08%
PCHLotto 8.43% 4.33%
Missouri Lottery 4.03% 15.00%
Lottery Post 3.84% 7.35%
Illinois Lottery Online 3.55% 88.94%


Now, the authorities in New York are actively considering a bill legalizing online poker. According to Senator John Bonasik, who is in favor of adopting this regulation, this is a great opportunity to fill the gap in the national budget. However, while the government is still thinking, Internet users are content with available casino games.

Website Percentage of visits Percentage of visits
NY Lottery 34.87% 86.72%
Lottery USA 6.34% 17.34%
PCHLotto 5.50% 4.13%
Lottery Post 5.40% 15.11%
DraftKings 1.93% 6.80%


On October 27, 2017, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed a bill that legalized online gambling in the state. Thus, Pennsylvania became the fourth region after New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware, where gambling activities became officially legal.

Website Percentage of visits Percentage of visits
Pensylvania Lottery 42.60% 80.07%
PCHLotto 8.10% 4.02%
Powerball 2.90% 4.08%
Ohio Lottery 2.39% 6.02%
Lottery USA 2.30% 4.17%


Now, active consideration of the gambling bill on the legalization of online gambling is underway in California. Particular attention is paid to online poker. In 2018, the revision of legislation in the direction of virtual poker will take place for the first time in ten years.

Website Percentage of visits Percentage of visits
California Lottery 26.60% 92.09%
PCHLotto 9.12% 8.88%
Harrah’s Casino Hotels 3.15% 17.44%
TVG 2.95% 23.31%
Bovada Sportsbook 2.51% 17.35%


In the first six months after the legalization of online gambling in New Jersey, state income has increased by $8.4 million. Only within a week after the issue of the first license, about 50 thousand people registered in the online casino. For a month, this number increased to 75 thousand. The amount of real income exceeded all forecasts of Governor Chris Christie, who predicted revenues in the amount of $250 to $500 million. Thus, New Jersey became the third state after Nevada, and Delaware, where virtual gambling was officially legalized.

Website Percentage of visits Percentage of visits
NJ Lottery 29.19% 81.33%
Lottery Post 7.33% 9.92%
PCHLotto 4.76% 1.73%
Lottery USA 3.63% 4.79%
NY Lottery 2.89% 3.47%


Nevada has deserved the title of the most gambling state of the United States. After long disputes and judgments, on February 21, 2013, Governor Brian Sandoval signed a bill on online gambling, which legalized the gambling business. Nevada became the first state in the USA where virtual gambling received the official status. Today, it is the only state where all types of gambling activities are allowed.

Website Percentage of visits Percentage of visits
Harrah’s Casino Hotels 8.79% 9.01%
PCHLotto 5.75% 1.04%
VegasInsider 5.54% 10.34%
Covers 5.41% 10.29%
California Lottery 4.13% 2.86%


Gambling in Florida was legalized in 2006. Since then, about 140 gambling houses function here. In January 2018, the Florida State Senate approved a new version of the gambling bill. The document provides for the legalization of fantasy sports, as well as will allow limiting bets on horse racing and dog racing.

Website Percentage of visits Percentage of visits
Florida Lottery 50.92% 85.86%
PCHLotto 8.62% 7.25%
Powerball 2.42% 5.77%
Lottery USA 2.32% 7.11%
FanDuel 2.12% 10.99%

The most popular gambling websites in the country

Website Number of visitors Percentage of visits
PCHLotto 29,199,681 9.60%
Florida Lottery 14,107,342 4.64%
Texas Lottery Commission 10,594,973 3.48%
Powerball 9,520,526 3.13%
NY Lottery 8,564,166 2.82%

The honorable first place in the ranking of the most popular gambling sites in the United States is occupied by PCHLotto lottery. The project is the latest development of the American company Publishing Clearing House, which began its operation in 1953. At that time, the company was selling magazines according to a single-window principle. PCHLotto is a gambling website  which presents different types of online lotteries. Now, PCHLotto occupies a leading position in the US gambling market. Based on the state statistics mentioned above, the PCHLotto site does not fall below the 3rd place.

The second position is taken by the Florida Lottery – the national lottery of Florida state. The history of Florida lottery dates back to 1986. It was the time when locals have legalized the gambling activity in the state. Today, Florida Lottery is the undisputed leader in its region.

The percentage of attendance on a gambling site in the state of Florida is 50.92%, which is almost 42% higher than the website that ranked the second. Our ranking is finished with Texas Lottery Commission, Powerball, and NY Lottery. The total number of visitors to these online resources exceeds 27 million people, which makes them indisputable favorites among the American population.


After the analysis of the current situation in the virtual gambling market of America, we can conclude that the United States has an active policy to regulate the activities of gambling houses. It’s no secret that online casinos are a powerful source of income. Therefore, the US government is very interested in the development of the gambling industry as an officially legalized industry.

Despite the fact that modern legislation has opened up real prospects for the development of online gambling, their implementation requires a lot of effort. This is due to numerous legal obstacles and to the slow process of their implementation. Therefore, it is quite problematic to make any definite forecasts regarding the further development of events in the US gambling industry.

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