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Mobile Gaming Casino Genre – 47% YoY Growth In 2020;$7.2B Gross Revenue

The Casino genre in mobile gaming experienced a significant uptick in 2020 and was one of mobile gaming’s top performers. According to data presented by, the Casino genre in mobile gaming experienced a 46.94% YoY increase in gross revenue in 2020 – $7.2B.

Casino Genre Worth Over $7B in 2020; Third Largest Revenue YoY Revenue Growth

The land casino world was badly hit by the pandemic of 2020 but online versions flourished because of the lockdowns of 2020. The Casino genre in the mobile gaming segment, now the largest segment of gaming, grew by an impressive 46.94% in 2020 reaching $7.2B in gross revenue compared to just $4.9B in 2019.

This gives the Casino genre the third-largest revenue growth in mobile gaming from 2019- 2020 and the fourth-largest genre in terms of gross revenue. The popular Shooting genre grew the second-fastest with a recorded 50% growth, with big titles such as Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG helping it reach $5.7B in gross revenue. The Simulation genre was the breakout genre of the year with 51.85% growth on the way to gross revenue of $4.1B

Most Popular Casino Gaming Apps in 2021

In May 2021, Coin Master was the most popular Casino gaming app in the world by revenue with an estimated $74M generated through in-app purchases. Coin Master was also the second most popular game based on downloads with 4.12M, behind Island King – Coin Adventure at 7.18M downloads.

As of June 2021, 08 Online (老子有錢) was the most popular casino gaming app in the world based on player lifetime value (LTV), a popular metric both in mobile gaming and the online casino world. The Taiwan based company boasts an LTV of $38.3 compared to Pmang Poker: Casino Royal in second place which had an LTV of $32.51.

Rex Pascual, eSports editor at, commented:

“Online casinos flourished during the lockdowns of 2020 and the mobile gaming segment within it had a particularly strong year. With the COVID-19 situation still fluid in many parts of the world, land-based casinos still hold an uncertain short-term future that could continue to bode well for the casino genre of mobile gaming.”


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