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Casino Equities Winners of the Crisis: Price Gains up to 474% Higher than DAX, Operators Record Strong Growth in Revenues and Profits

While the DAX gained 21.7% in the 12-month review, some exchange-listed casino operators have been able to record significantly larger gains. For example, Swedish live casino provider Evolution Gaming Group’s stock market value climbed by 124.5% during this period. Competitors‘ shares also increased in value by more than the average. The trend towards gambling is playing into the operators‘ hands, as shown in a new infographic from

While brick-and-mortar casinos have suffered to some extent from the restrictions in the face of the pandemic, online casinos find themselves on an upward trajectory. Evolution Gaming’s turnover between January and June 2021 was as much as 102% higher than in the same period of the previous year. Meanwhile, net profits increased from €124.6 million to €276.4 million, much to the delight of shareholders.

Irrespective of these share price gains, casino shares don’t yet appear to be on the radar of the bulk of investors. The worldwide Google search volume for „casino shares“ currently ranks at a value of 7, with 100 representing the largest possible relative search volume.

Germany and the Stock Market

Meanwhile, Germans‘ relationship to the stock market has been ambivalent at best since the dotcom bubble in 2000. asia99 As recently as 2017, 46% of Germans considered investing in shares to be just as risky as gambling in a casino. While the culture around investing has changed since then and a number of new investors have taken an interest, many of those who consider stock trading in general to be highly risky have felt confirmed in their convictions by the Wirecard scandal.

Despite all the vagaries, there seems to be much to suggest that the growth of online casinos still has some way to go. Industry observers expect significant revenue increases, especially in the wake of market regulation in the summer of 2021. Besides the increasing gamification of gambling, live online casino streams from popular streamers on Twitch & co. are additional accelerators of the trend. Those who are convinced that in casinos the bank always wins have the opportunity to profit from the current development with various casino shares.


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