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78% of Bundesliga Clubs Have Betting Providers as Advertising Partners – Operators Expand Sponsorship in Germany, While in England They Increasingly Avoid the Sports Sector

Some 78% of Bundesliga clubs have a betting provider as an advertising partner. While sports betting providers are increasingly expanding their involvement in Germany, the opposite development is taking place in England, as shown in a new infographic by

In Germany as well as throughout Europe, the gambling industry is playing an important role in sponsorship. 13% of all European first division football clubs have a major sponsor from this sector. Only the retail sector is more prominent, with a market share of 17%. Sponsors from the aviation and automotive sectors (7%), energy (6%) or telecommunications (4%) are far behind.

As shown in the infographic, England demonstrates that it can be done differently. There, the gambling industry is also still among the 5 top sponsors of sports, but its share is now just 8%. Within just two years, the gambling sector’s share of the list of top sponsors has fallen from 15% to 8%.

Sports Betting and Football

Around 56% of all sports bets placed in Germany are on football. Tennis is in second place with just over 17%, followed by other sports such as handball, basketball or ice hockey. The industry has grown rapidly in recent years, with one in ten German men now claiming to have placed a sports bet at some point. By comparison, only three in one hundred women have done so. Sports betting is considered to be essentially a game of chance with an element of skill since, unlike in numerous online casinos, winning does not depend entirely on luck.

In terms of football club sponsorship, betting providers slot gacor are almost omnipresent in Germany as well. Yet a look at global figures shows that sports betting is still comparatively uncommon among German citizens. In China, for example, 34% of citizens have already placed such bets, while in Spain the proportion is significantly higher than in Germany, at 26%. In view of this increased visibility of betting providers, it may only be a matter of time before the Federal Republic of Germany reaches similar figures.

Between 2014 and 2019, total revenues in the sports betting market in Germany rose by 105% to €9.28 billion.  Although this fell to €7.79 billion in the year of the Corona crisis, this was most likely due to the pandemic and the associated postponements of numerous major sporting events.


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